A Former Prosecutor Protecting Your Rights

From nearly 30 years as a prosecuting attorney, I know Texas criminal law from every angle. Now I use that knowledge to defend the accused. You can count on me to safeguard your rights and mount a vigorous defense.

attorney Perry Thomas

Skilled Criminal Defense In Llano And The Texas Hill Country

attorney Perry Thomas

Effective Criminal Defense For Any Criminal Charges

From traffic tickets to capital murder, there is nothing I haven’t handled in 30-plus years of criminal law. I have tried hundreds of criminal cases in my career, including drug offenses, drunk driving, assault charges, theft, fraud and violent crimes. On any given day, you’ll find me in the criminal courts of Llano, Burnet, Blanco, Gillespie and Mason counties.

Are You From Out of Town?

I regularly represent hunters, boaters, anglers and vacationers who got arrested or pulled over while visiting the Hill Country and effectively advocate for them in the local justice system.

My Prosecutor Background Is Your Advantage

I am Perry Thomas. I was a prosecutor in East Texas for more than 20 years, then served another four years as First Assistant District Attorney here in Hill Country before I started my own defense practice. I know how law enforcement investigates crimes. I know how the DA’s build their case. That insight helps me challenge the evidence and prepare a proper defense.

I also have built a rapport with local prosecutors in Texas Hill Country. My reputation often translates to favorable resolutions for my clients, especially those who have never been in legal trouble before.

attorney Perry Thomas
attorney Perry Thomas

Solutions For Divorce And Child Custody

In addition to criminal defense, I welcome divorce and custody matters in the Hill Country. I counsel men and women regarding property division, parenting plans and financial support. If you have the broad strokes of an uncontested divorce, I can help you put it in writing for court approval. If your divorce or custody matter is contested, you are represented by an experienced trial lawyer.

The Right Experience In Your Time Of Need

I Stand Strong For The Rights Of The Accused. I Work Hard To Make A Difference.