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Drug Crime Defense By An Ex-Prosecutor

Most drug crimes are felony crimes. A conviction could mean prison time and all the long-term baggage of a felony record. Even marijuana charges can carry harsh penalties in this part of Texas.

I am Perry Thomas. For most of my career, I was a prosecutor, including being involved in hundreds of drug cases. As a criminal defense lawyer, that background helps me to fight unwarranted drug charges or mitigate the consequences.

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Facing Drug Charges In Texas Hill Country?

As a former prosecuting attorney for more than 20 years, I regularly tried drug cases. I am well-versed in all aspects of drug enforcement, from search and seizure to sentencing guidelines. I can capably defend you no matter what the charges:

  • Possession of meth (methamphetamine)
  • Possession of fentanyl or opioids
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Unlawful possession of prescription narcotics
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Growing or manufacturing drugs
  • Drug trafficking and related crimes

Mounting Your Defense

Drug crimes are commonly overcharged, such as “intent to distribute” based on the quantity confiscated or drug paraphernalia. Law enforcement may charge everyone in the vehicle if drugs are found during a traffic stop. Weapon possession in connection with a drug arrest increases the potential sentence.

I know how to challenge the government’s case, including Fourth Amendment violations, to get charges dismissed or reduced. I have good relations with local prosecutors, which can lead to favorable negotiations. And when circumstances dictate that we go to trial, I have the courtroom experience to make a strong stand.

While marijuana has been decriminalized in other states, it is still a big deal here in Hill Country jurisdictions and heavily enforced. If you are accused of buying, selling or growing pot, I will make every effort to limit the penalties.

Call Me Immediately

I can make the greatest difference when I am involved early. If you or a family member or hunting companion have been arrested on drug charges, call The Law Office of Perry Thomas PLLC at 325-939-2419 or email me. I provide a free initial consultation.